Web design and SEO - winning combination

Making a website for your business and putting it online is just one part of the equation. What good is a website if no one can find it on the Internet? For best results from your online business you should consider web design and search engine optimization together.

When making a website, both the design and SEO of the site need to be considered at the same time, and not web design first, SEO later. You should consider keyword targeting and website optimization along with the site architecture.

The proven fact is that sites that have considered SEO in the early web design process are getting much better online results then the one who started to work on SEO optimization later. With professional website design and high search engine results, a site can attract high volume of traffic, which always results in higher sales.

Our clients

Macedonian academic painter Stojance Andonov - Dito Public kitchens in Kosovo and Metohija


Outsourcing Web Design

Markom Design is a web design agency from Belgrade, Serbia. We can work with clients from EU and United States as well as with local clients here in Serbia. What that means is that you can get quality website design that costs maybe even half the price then in EU and USA.

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